Our Vision & Mission

Our mission is to effect Tikkun Olam (a Hebrew phrase meaning “repair of the world”). Simply stated, our goal is to leave the world a better place for our grandchildren than it was for our grandparents.

Insect agriculture offers tremendous opportunity up and down the food chain, and is fundamentally changing our food ecosystem. Insects can be used to reduce food and feed waste at each step of the supply chain, supplement or replace less efficient animal and plant proteins, provide stable incomes for marginalized and isolated populations, and dramatically reduce the human footprint on our planet. Insects and their byproducts provide massive unexplored spaces for transforming fertilizer, feed, food, medicine, and materials science.

Over the next 50 years, our industry will grow and diversify until it augments every part of the human experience. To accomplish this goal, we will need hundreds of companies, thousands of farms, and tens of thousands of minds working together to build on this new platform. Will you be one of them?