Future Food Salon. Tastes like Cricket.

Posted on August 29, 2014. Written by Lisa Vlasova Montreal Rampage Silence reigned save for the chirping of crickets as trendy guests slowly milled about. The experience began upon entry of the grounds shared by the Insectarium with Montreal’s Botanical Garden. Swiftly darkening skies couldn’t put a damper on the place’s beauty: the first light [...]

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Edible insects fly into spotlight: International conference to promote bugs as a sustainable, healthy delicacy

Graeme Hamilton Friday, Aug. 8, 2014 National Post Crickets are referred to as a gateway bug, one insect-eater says. “They’re very easy to eat. Their flavour profile is a little like cashews.” Fotolia MONTREAL — Insects generally prompt Canadians to reach for the fly swatter or bug spray, but at an international meeting this month [...]

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