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Chicken, Cricket or Fish?

Story by Drew Cranisky // Photography by Adam Milliron August 2016 Table Magazine Most restaurateurs spend a lot of time trying to keep bugs out of the kitchen. Don Mahaney, on the other hand, spends his time thinking about new ways to bring them in. Mahaney is the owner of Scratch Food & Beverage, a [...]

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Pittsburgh Culinary School Is Cooking With Crickets

Dave Crawley WFMY News 2 January 17, 2016   Pittsburgh, PA -- Chef Shawn Culp and culinary students at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh prepare a four course meal. Common ingredient? Crickets. "What we have here basically is culinary entomology," says Culp, the chairman of AIP's culinary department. Frozen crickets were shipped here by Big Cricket [...]

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Eating Insects. Overcoming the Western Yuck Factor to Harvest Benefits

By Lisa Lupo August 13, 2015 Quality Assurance Magazine Most food companies are concerned with insects as adulterants in the products they produce. But a new wave of food products is intentionally including insects and labeling them as a key ingredient in the food. To expose the industry to this evolving food option, this QA [...]

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Can insects go from pests to popular snack foods?

AP Wire The Washington Post April 16th, 2015   They hop. They crawl. They squirm. And they could be coming to a dinner plate near you. An increasing number of “entopreneurs” are launching businesses to feed a growing appetite for crickets, mealworms and other edible insects. (“Ento” comes from the Greek word for insect.) These [...]

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Future Food Salon. Tastes like Cricket.

Posted on August 29, 2014. Written by Lisa Vlasova Montreal Rampage Silence reigned save for the chirping of crickets as trendy guests slowly milled about. The experience began upon entry of the grounds shared by the Insectarium with Montreal’s Botanical Garden. Swiftly darkening skies couldn’t put a damper on the place’s beauty: the first light [...]

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How American Cricket Farmers Raise Bugs for Us to Eat

BY  ELETTRA WIEDEMANN August 14, 2014 / 5:44 pm Vice Munchies I tend to go through sample trays like an open-mouthed freight train. You can imagine my delight when I was at a food conference earlier this year and there was a banquet table overflowing with food samples. I ate my way through the entire [...]

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Could insects be a part of your local diet?

By Kelsey Lee and Kiran Gill July 8th, 2014 Bold Magazine   Take a couple of grad students, toss in some crunchy insects, a dash of social media and a whole lot of intrigue and you’ve got yourself a culturally curious concoction waiting to start an interesting dialogue… in western cultures that is. In certain [...]

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