‘Farm’ bets crickets will be next gourmet escargot

Robert Yosay

Columbus Dispatch

The sound of chirping fills the basement of a warehouse on the south side of Youngstown. Edwards Street is home to several million crickets, which are bred, harvested and sold through Big Cricket Farms. In the United States, most crickets are fed to pets, but Big Cricket Farms markets exclusively to humans. Yes, Big Cricket expects people to eat … Read the rest


By: James F. Sweeney

June 11, 2015


The giant banner hangs on the side of the brick building, partially obscuring the faded white lettering left over from when the structure housed a furniture store, back when the city imagined a different kind of future. The banner reads “Ranked #1 Best Incubator in the World – Youngstown Business Incubator.”

The three-stories-high brag can be forgiven — Youngstown has been singled … Read the rest

Can Cinnamon-Infused Crickets Save the Rust Belt?

Just after 8 on a cloudy October morning, Cody Schultz is off to work, slicing through America’s definitive post-industrial squalor, a two-mile drive that weaves past a sad museum of abandoned homes and steel factories sprouting weedy windows and the broken doors of a lost past.

“Take a right instead of a left and you find yourself in some pretty

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Youngstown farm hops into growing cricket food market

First cricket farm in the U.S. opens in Youngstown

Friday, July 18, 2014



When you are hungry, do you reach for potato chips or peanuts? What about a handful of crickets? One daring entrepreneur in Youngstown is bucking the “yuck” factor and opening the first U.S. farm to grow insects exclusively for human consumption.

An old rundown warehouse in Youngstown is the perfect place, says Kevin Bachhuber, to grow crickets.

“So these are our … Read the rest