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In response to the critical need for sustainable proteins to feed a growing global population, we provide the tools, resources, and teamwork you need to join one of the fastest growing emerging markets in the world: farming edible insects. From demystifying farming to testing innovative technologies and techniques to ensuring your goods get to a hungry market, our mission is to put our experience to work to help you grow.

Kevin Bachhuber founded Big Cricket Farms, the first insect farm in the United States to receive FDA and state licensure for food-grade insects. After over a decade in the edible insect space, Kevin has been honored to speak extensively on the topic, work to collaboratively bring new farmers to market, help existing farms grow their bottom line with new products and processes, and guide some of the world’s largest food companies through the world of sustainable protein.

“Kevin truly is the leading authority in America’s edible insect industry.”

Austin Miller, Co-Founder at Craft Crickets Inc.

“In my initial weeks as a cricket farmer – while still raising crickets on my back porch – Kevin provided me with invaluable information on topics I didn’t even realize were issues… I recommend his services to any start-up cricket farmer.”

Austin Miller, Co-Founder at Craft Crickets Inc.

Kevin Bachhuber and Rachel Young provided both their creativity and extensive expertise in helping develop a marketing campaign for our edible cricket production centre. They elicited innovative thinking and brainstorming, which led to the creation of a new branding concept. Overall, Kevin and Rachel helped implement creative ideas that moved our project along considerably.

William Older, PWR Older Developments Inc

Kevin is a remarkably motivated, ambitious and charismatic individual. I am regularly impressed by the scope of his vision and by his ability to recruit and inspire his employees. He has demonstrated integrity in our business dealings and I look forward to future opportunities to work with him.

Andrew Brentano, CEO at Tiny Farms Inc

Kevin was a keynote panelist at the Yale Food Systems Symposium I organized in Nov. 2014. The symposium brought together foodies, academics, farmers, organizers and policymakers to discuss emerging food issues. Kevin was a great presenter and really engaged the audience with his intellect and anecdotes. Everyone had a great time and learned a great deal about the edible insect industry. He has also been an incredible, amazing and thoughtful mentor to myself and my colleagues who are interested in the edible insect world.

Yesenia Gallardo, CEO, Poda Foods Inc