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Kevin Bachhuber

Kevin Bachhuber is an award-winning consultant in sustainable agriculture, small-business innovation, and finance. Founder of the first American insect farm to obtain food-grade certifications, his pioneering work as an engineer of green technology solutions has pushed the insect farming industry in a dramatic new direction. With over 15 years’ experience in finance and small business, Kevin has devoted his expertise and energy toward helping families affected by the financial crisis, organizing grassroots movements, and pushing forward sustainable methods of insect farming. His work at Big Cricket Farms earned Popular Science‘s 2014 “Best of What’s New” award in the Green category, runner up for Nutrition Business Journal‘s “Sustainability Award,” and speaking engagements at Yale Food Systems Symposium and TEDx.

Notable Talks, Appearances, and Events:

  • Featured in The Gateway Bug documentary.
  • Appeared in Bugs on the Menu documentary.
  • Speaker at 2017 Vassar Food Symposium (2017).
  • Speaker at ICE (International Conference of Entomologists (2016). Topic: Mainstreaming Edible Insects: The Next Steps
  • Ohio State University, 2016. Cooking with Bugs: Culinary Aspects of Edible Insects.
  • Host to Cuban commercial attaches following lifting of US-Cuba Sanctions (2015).
  • Featured in CNN’s “Great American Stories” series (2015).
  • Le Cordon Bleu at James Beard #TasteAmerica Dinner (2015).
  • TEDx Youngstown (2015): Alternative Protein.
  • Guest instructor at Culinary Institute of the Arts (2015).
  • Yale Food System Symposium (2014): Edible Insects Panelist
  • American Museum of Natural History (NYC, 2014): New Tech Meets Ancient Food: Rapid Prototyping & Commercial Edible Insect Production
  • Eating Innovations Conference 2014: Edible Insects as a Means of Economic Revitalization
  • Ohio State University Agricultural Extension (2014): Entomophagy: Research and Career Opportunities in Edible Insects

Jakub “Kubo” Dzamba

Jakub “Kubo” Dzamba is a Master of Architecture renowned across North America as the leading expert in compact cricket farming technologies. He has been innovating in the field for over 10 years developing architectural technologies in high-density, high efficiency urban insect farming, and has served as a consultant for nearly every major edible insect farm in North America. In addition to the attention he has received from large-scale cricket farming operations, his doctoral exploration of small-scale urban insect farming has expanded the scope of human knowledge regarding sustainable agriculture. Jakub’s work has also earned him finalist positions in both the McGill Hult and Dobson Cup Entrepreneurial Competitions, and has served as the focus for the documentary Kubo’s Crickets which will air in 2017.

His innovation in urban agriculture, the “Chirpbox 200,” facilitates modular proximity of feed, food production, food processing, and consumption – providing a framework for socially and environmentally sustainable, holistic, local agriculture.