Waiter! There’s a bug on my plate

By Rachel Feltman December 1, 2016 Washington Post When the North American Edible Insect Coalition had its first meeting, in Detroit in May, many observers speculated that the newly formed group of cricket-chomping enthusiasts was set to swarm Washington. Several news outlets reported that insects, which aren’t explicitly listed on the Food and Drug Administration’s [...]

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Chicken, Cricket or Fish?

Story by Drew Cranisky // Photography by Adam Milliron August 2016 Table Magazine Most restaurateurs spend a lot of time trying to keep bugs out of the kitchen. Don Mahaney, on the other hand, spends his time thinking about new ways to bring them in. Mahaney is the owner of Scratch Food & Beverage, a [...]

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Iowa resident starts cricket farm for human consumption

KEVIN HARDY Aug 1, 2016 The Des Moines Register EYSTONE, Iowa — Like many farmers, Becky Herman bounces from enclosure to enclosure, feeding and watering her livestock. There are thousands of them, but Herman knows some well enough to assign them human traits. Those two over there are bullies, she says. And though she’s new [...]

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March 25, 2016 It's Hot in Here Did you know that insects form part of the traditional diet of an estimated 2 billion people on the planet? And that even those of us who actively avoid all contact with bugs can’t avoid ingesting a pound or two of flies, maggots, and other bugs without knowing it every year? Insects aren’t [...]

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In an Era of Scarcity, Water is Now a Major Economic Driver

By JULIE GRANT (THE ALLEGHENY FRONT) MAR 2, 2016 WYSO In a world facing growing problems with water scarcity, the Great Lakes region could be poised to draw businesses—big and small—from other parts of the country. But despite the region’s vast quantities of freshwater, water quality can’t always be taken for granted. One example: Big Crickets [...]

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I Farm Crickets, The Future Of Human Food: 7 Insane Truths

By Robert Evans,  Kevin Bachhuber January 27, 2016 If you're reading this from the civilized world, most of your insect encounters boil down to emotionally scarring spider cameos and annoying flies. But in roughly 80 percent of the countries on Earth, people eat insects. Cracked sat down with one man who has made it [...]

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Pittsburgh Culinary School Is Cooking With Crickets

Dave Crawley WFMY News 2 January 17, 2016   Pittsburgh, PA -- Chef Shawn Culp and culinary students at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh prepare a four course meal. Common ingredient? Crickets. "What we have here basically is culinary entomology," says Culp, the chairman of AIP's culinary department. Frozen crickets were shipped here by Big Cricket [...]

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