The Country’s First Edible Insect Farm

Dec 3, 2015 The Country’s First Edible Insect Farm Kevin Bachhuber founded Big Cricket Farms in Youngstown, Ohio in 2014 in response to growing water shortages, the rising costs of protein production and a simple love of eating insects inspired by a trip to Thailand. Big Cricket Farms is the first government certified food grade [...]

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Well Rounded, Well Fed

November 9, 2015 Posted By: Graig The Jambar   A bellowing, villainous laugh set the mood as a group of students consumed cupfuls of dried, dead crickets. Kevin Bachhuber, founder of Big Cricket Farms — the first food-grade cricket farm in the United States — was the source of both the crickets and the laugh. [...]

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‘Farm’ bets crickets will be next gourmet escargot

Robert Yosay Posted Oct 17, 2015 at 12:01 AM Columbus Dispatch The sound of chirping fills the basement of a warehouse on the south side of Youngstown. Edwards Street is home to several million crickets, which are bred, harvested and sold through Big Cricket Farms. In the United States, most crickets are fed to pets, but Big Cricket Farms markets [...]

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The new beetlemania: Raising bugs for human consumption

By BRUCE KENNEDY October 9, 2015, 9:08 AM CBS MONEYWATCH  Tourists and locals are buzzing, so to speak, about an item on the menu at the highly regarded Toloache Mexican restaurants in New York City: tacos made with dried grasshoppers brought in from Mexico's Oaxaca state. The chapulines are lightly sautéed and served with onions, [...]

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How to Breed a Tasty Cricket

PHIL MCCAUSLAND SEP 24, 2015 The Atlantic It’s hard to hear anything over the chirping. Cardboard boxes filled with egg cartons and sheets of plastic buzz with thousands of young-adult crickets calling out to one another to mate. The brush of the insects’ legs against the various surfaces sounds like hail on a tin roof. [...]

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Eating Insects. Overcoming the Western Yuck Factor to Harvest Benefits

By Lisa Lupo August 13, 2015 Quality Assurance Magazine Most food companies are concerned with insects as adulterants in the products they produce. But a new wave of food products is intentionally including insects and labeling them as a key ingredient in the food. To expose the industry to this evolving food option, this QA [...]

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Criadores de insectos comestibles buscan mayor eficiencia en la producción

By Alicia Clegg El Economista July 15th, 2015 Big Cricket Farms en Ohio ha ideado un sistema de bombeo para el riego de las crías de grillos sin ahogarlos, e incorpora tecnología del siglo XXI. "Utilizamos impresión en 3D para la mayor parte de nuestra creación de prototipos", dice el cofundador Kevin Bachhuber. Otras preocupaciones de los criadores de [...]

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By: James F. Sweeney June 11, 2015 id8nation The giant banner hangs on the side of the brick building, partially obscuring the faded white lettering left over from when the structure housed a furniture store, back when the city imagined a different kind of future. The banner reads “Ranked #1 Best Incubator in the World [...]

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A Youngstown farm that stands apart from others

SHERRY KARABIN Legal News Reporter Published: May 21, 2015 Akron Legal News Once ravaged by the loss of the steel industry, the city of Youngstown is now becoming known for its innovative businesses and efforts at revitalization. So when Kevin Bachhuber and Jaci Ampulski were looking for a spot to start the first urban cricket [...]

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