Can insects go from pests to popular snack foods?

AP Wire The Washington Post April 16th, 2015   They hop. They crawl. They squirm. And they could be coming to a dinner plate near you. An increasing number of “entopreneurs” are launching businesses to feed a growing appetite for crickets, mealworms and other edible insects. (“Ento” comes from the Greek word for insect.) These [...]

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Bugs for Dinner: Big Cricket Farms Find Niche in Edible Insect Farming

April 16, 2015 Rose Egelhoff SeedStock   Kevin Bachhuber. Courtesy of Big Cricket Farms Rich in protein and requiring relatively few resources to raise, the United Nations says insects should be on our plates. Though bugs make up part of a healthy, diverse diet in many non-Western cultures, Americans and Europeans generally consider eating insects [...]

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We’ve Cleared an Area the Size of South America to Grow Enough Crops to Feed The World’s Population

Janaki Jitchotvisut Apr 3, 2015 First We Feast How will we continue to feed the world’s growing population? Where is our food going to come from in 2050? These are both valid questions with many different answers.’s eye-opening new short documentary America’s Shrinking Farms aims to raise awareness of the issues, and possible solutions, in play right now. The [...]

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Cricket Farmer Says Consumers Developing Taste For Insects

2015 - Volume #39, Issue #1, Page #08 Farm Show Cricket Farmer Says Consumers Developing Taste For Insects Could crickets be coming to a grocery store near you? Maybe, says Kevin Bachhuber, owner of Big Cricket Farms in Youngstown, Ohio. While most of the producers who raise crickets sell them for bait and animal feed, Bachhuber raises [...]

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Are Insects the Next Climate-Friendly Superfood?

By Anastasia Pantsios March 19th, 2015   Maybe you've see little cans of chocolate-covered ants or grasshoppers in the exotic food section of your grocery and thought to yourself, "Yuck—who eats that?" Insects may not come to mind when you think of superfoods. But they could be the next hot "alternative" protein. They're low in [...]

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A Bug’s Life

Issue: March/April 2015 By Sheehan Hannan IB Mag Maybe it was the hot dog they rode in on — or the India pale ale that washed it all down. Somehow, at Suzie’s Dogs and Drafts in downtown Youngstown, being served crickets won’t prompt a call to the health inspector. In fact, they’re one of the [...]

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Was Wirtschaft treibt: Lecker Grillen-Kekse

By Steffan Heuer Brand Eins February 20th, 2015 „Ich habe ein grundsätzliches Problem mit Leuten, die mich aus Kalifornien anrufen, Geld investieren wollen und mir dann etwas von Dingen wie Disruption und Scaling up erzählen wollen“, sagt Kevin Bachhuber. Landwirtschaft, erzählt er seinen Gesprächspartnern dann, sei das genaue Gegenteil von dem, was man im Silicon Valley [...]

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Youngstown farm hops into growing cricket food market

By Brian Lisik - October 16, 2014 Farm and Dairy OUNGSTOWN, Ohio — The chirping, Kevin Bachhuber said, is the first thing people notice. “But they only chirp when they are ready to breed, and you really are able to tell the temperature by the way they chirp,” said Bachhuber, a Wisconsin native and founder [...]

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By Nicola Twilley September 16, 2014 The New Yorker Big Cricket Farms, of Youngstown, Ohio, opened six months ago. It is the first (and, so far, only) farm in America to raise crickets exclusively for human consumption. The farm, which was founded by Kevin Bachhuber, is housed in a formerly abandoned warehouse in the Rust [...]

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