Innovations Gateway bug: How crickets could hook America on eating insects

By Matt McFarland August 20, 2014 The Washington Post When you’re on the frontier of food — a land full of experimentation — sometimes you have to sleep with the lights on. Jakub Dzamba, a Ph.D. candidate at McGill’s architecture school, was experimenting with farming crickets in his Montreal apartment about a year and a [...]

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By Alexandra Ossola Posted August 16, 2014 Popular Science In April, Big Cricket Farms became the first U.S. company to raise insects for human consumption. It’s no surprise crickets are leaping onto our plates—they require less space and fewer resources than cows or chickens, and they’re packed with protein and other nutrients. But farmed crickets [...]

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How American Cricket Farmers Raise Bugs for Us to Eat

BY  ELETTRA WIEDEMANN August 14, 2014 / 5:44 pm Vice Munchies I tend to go through sample trays like an open-mouthed freight train. You can imagine my delight when I was at a food conference earlier this year and there was a banquet table overflowing with food samples. I ate my way through the entire [...]

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Edible insects fly into spotlight: International conference to promote bugs as a sustainable, healthy delicacy

Graeme Hamilton Friday, Aug. 8, 2014 National Post Crickets are referred to as a gateway bug, one insect-eater says. “They’re very easy to eat. Their flavour profile is a little like cashews.” Fotolia MONTREAL — Insects generally prompt Canadians to reach for the fly swatter or bug spray, but at an international meeting this month [...]

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First cricket farm in the U.S. opens in Youngstown

Friday, July 18, 2014 Story by ANNE GLAUSSER WKSU When you are hungry, do you reach for potato chips or peanuts? What about a handful of crickets? One daring entrepreneur in Youngstown is bucking the “yuck” factor and opening the first U.S. farm to grow insects exclusively for human consumption. An old rundown warehouse in [...]

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Are crickets the next foodie trend?

Megan Anderle Tuesday 15 July 2014 07.45 EDT The Guardian In one way, Big Cricket Farms is just what it sounds like, that is, a farm that raises crickets. But it's also something that it might not sound like: a food supplier. The Ohio-based startup, open since April, aims to bring Americans around to what two [...]

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Could insects be a part of your local diet?

By Kelsey Lee and Kiran Gill July 8th, 2014 Bold Magazine   Take a couple of grad students, toss in some crunchy insects, a dash of social media and a whole lot of intrigue and you’ve got yourself a culturally curious concoction waiting to start an interesting dialogue… in western cultures that is. In certain [...]

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Urban Farmer Sets His Sights on a New Venture: Crickets

Anne Glausser July 4, 2014 ideastream (Sounds of crickets in the “breeders tent”) I’m not in a forest. I’m not in a park. I’m not even outside. I’m here in an old rundown warehouse in Youngstown Ohio—the perfect place, says Kevin Bachhuber, to grow crickets. "So these are our babies. They’re actually hardening up right [...]

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Six legs tasty: First edible insect farm opens in US

23 May 2014 By Hal Hodson New Scientist A TWITCHING mass of European house crickets clings to a maze of meshed cardboard in a tent about the size of a minivan. They are inside their new home, an abandoned warehouse in Youngstown, Ohio, where they will prosper until being killed, ground into "flour" and baked [...]

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