Bachhuber Consulting’s response to REDUCE Act

Bachhuber Consulting's response to efforts by Sen Flake & Cortez Masto to prohibit USDA subsidies for insect agriculture December 17th, 2018 United States Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry 328A Russell Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510 Dear Senate Agriculture Committee, I am writing to you today to not only encourage you to block [...]

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Why killing crickets is morally ok

By Radek August 4, 2016 SENSbar.com I think most people would agree that harming anything that can suffer or feel pain is a negative thing. Unfortunately, our current food and agricultural industries contributes to this bad practice regularly. So what can a person do if she wants to reduce the inhumane treatment of animals while [...]

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Eating crickets good for you — and the planet

By ALLEGHENY FRONT JAN 28, 2016 Innovation Trail At an artsy hipster bar in downtown Youngstown, Ohio — and yes, there is an artsy hipster bar in Youngstown — they serve gourmet hot dogs with 50 different kinds of toppings. The golden pickled beets and root beer BBQ sauce are definitely among the most unique. [...]

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Grub to Gourmet

CH Studio December 22, 2015 CoolHunting When Enterprise asked us to help celebrate drives, passions and people through video we didn't hesitate. Our first film takes us to Big Cricket Farms in Ohio, where they are addressing concerns about feeding the world's increasing population with sustainable, affordable and highly nutritious insects. The second takes us [...]

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By Brooke Borel May 12, 2015 Popular Science During the last weeks of winter, in an airy kitchen at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, two design students are making cocktail bitters. A long wooden table holds mason jars and gleaming bottles of bourbon, vodka, and neutral grain spirits. The fragrance of [...]

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Can Cinnamon-Infused Crickets Save the Rust Belt?

By Tom Moroney December 5, 2014, 4:00 AM CST Bloomberg Just after 8 on a cloudy October morning, Cody Schultz is off to work, slicing through America’s definitive post-industrial squalor, a two-mile drive that weaves past a sad museum of abandoned homes and steel factories sprouting weedy windows and the broken doors of a lost [...]

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Inside The Edible Insect Industrial Complex

ANYA HOFFMAN 11.03.14 8:00 AM Fast Company Each morning after arriving at his office in Youngstown, Ohio, Kevin Bachhuber steps into the 5,000-square-foot warehouse and listens to his crickets chirping. The owner and founder of Big Cricket Farms, which raises insects exclusively for human consumption, Bachhuber knows that the frequency and sound of crickets’ chirps [...]

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Future Food Salon. Tastes like Cricket.

Posted on August 29, 2014. Written by Lisa Vlasova Montreal Rampage Silence reigned save for the chirping of crickets as trendy guests slowly milled about. The experience began upon entry of the grounds shared by the Insectarium with Montreal’s Botanical Garden. Swiftly darkening skies couldn’t put a damper on the place’s beauty: the first light [...]

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Small, Noisy, Crawly and Delicious Crickets

Friday, June 20, 2014 By Dan O'Brien The Business Journal   YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio -- Kevin Bachhuber unzips the vinyl panel of a large square tent and peels back the insulated fabric that reveals a Mylar-laced chamber. Inside are some really noisy inhabitants. These inhabitants are in plastic storage bins – the same ones you buy [...]

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