Eating crickets good for you — and the planet

Eating crickets good for you — and the planet

JAN 28, 2016

Innovation Trail

At an artsy hipster bar in downtown Youngstown, Ohio — and yes, there is an artsy hipster bar in Youngstown — they serve gourmet hot dogs with 50 different kinds of toppings.

The golden pickled beets and root beer BBQ sauce are definitely among the most unique. But if you really want to get adventurous, you’ll go for the deep-fried crickets.

“We go through quite a bit of them. More than you’d think, actually,” says the cook at Suzie’s Dogs and Drafts, tossing a batch into the deep fryer.

They get the crickets from a farm just a mile down the road. It’s owned by Kevin Bachhuber and his partner, who left their jobs in software and finance in California to start the farm. Why Youngstown? It had cheap space to rent and plenty of water.

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