Food Grade Certification

Food Grade Certification 2019-04-10T22:02:43+00:00

Our team developed our flagship Food Grade Certification Program to break through the single greatest barrier to Western adoption of insects for food: regulatory compliance.

Our pilot project, Big Cricket Farms, was the first insect farm in the United States to achieve food-grade status. Since then, Kevin has worked with some of the biggest cricket farms in the United States and Canada to bring their farms, products, and processes to the quality expected by the FDA and by the world’s biggest buyers and markets.

This program is best for established farms, whether you’re a feed farm seeking to join the growing food and feed market, an international farm or farm cooperative seeking to enter the United States, or a newly purchased or inherited farms. Farms best positioned to take advantage of this program have existing revenues of $250,000+, excellent shipping rates, existing quality assurance programs, and are at least 5-10 years old.

Not all farms can qualify for this program, so a pre-assessment and an exploratory site assessment are highly recommended. This program is competitive, and only a few farms are accepted every year.

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